The MultiDentity Mindset

The MultiDentity Mindset Executive Briefing

BK90007418Recent research on business success factors shows that we’re well into a chaotic and unpredictable new age. Leading academics and business experts concur that the world will always operate with speed and disruption. We’re in a new, emerging era that’s global, multichannel, multilayered, fragmented, colorful, fast- moving, impatient, tech-driven, and exciting for both the challenges and the opportunities it brings. We’re entering the Age of MultiDentity.

The new normal is, well, that there is no new normal—at least not one on which today’s many stakeholders will ever agree. So today’s senior leaders need to become more adept at dealing with constant change and identity conflict in relationships with team members and stakeholders. The changes we face are so encompassing that they’ve sparked the need for a new mindset. The MultiDentity Mindset describes the kind of leader it will take to successfully deal with the interplay of numerous values, ideologies, and identity groups that hold differing agendas, social goals, and degrees of power.

This two hour executive briefing explains how the powerful forces of economic globalization, unbounded technology, demographic shifts, and the continuous expansion of individual and cultural freedoms (and the backlash these movements create) are sweeping the globe affecting organizations, agencies, teams, communities and nations. These changes are working together to rapidly reshape our old notions of identity at every level, including what identity means in the personal, organizational, and national contexts.  The MultiDentity Mindset executive seminar will help you understand our transition toward the Age of MultiDentity, and explore the strategic mindset that is needed to navigate the increasing fragmentation and polarization we will encounter during this time of fast change.