Training and Education


MarkusWorks training and education will help your organizational and team leaders interact more effectively and better manage internal and external identity stakeholder issues.



Our programs flow from our models and frameworks and are powerful solutions that help you identify and factor in the identity dynamics operating within your business environment to help leaders make better decisions. Our workshops and briefings are adapted and customized to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Training Overview
MarkusWorks training helps you build and maintain organizational and community cultures that respond to the agendas of all your stakeholders. You’ll learn how to identify the important cultural, ideological and values-based differences you face within your organization and within and between the constituencies and communities where you do business.

  • When, why and how do your customers’, employees’ and stakeholders’ hot buttons  get triggered?
  • How can you learn to identify and avoid the identity conflicts that can have a lasting negative impact on teamwork, productivity and brand ?

Duration: Workshops are customized to meet the time requirements of your audience. Web solutions are also available.

Requirements: All participants will receive the specific diagnostics, assessments and identity books that apply to their workshop.

Methodology: These workshops are highly interactive and involve electronic polling, small group discussion and analysis, videotaped expert opinion, multimedia, music, role-playing, and case studies.

Goals and Outcomes: Understand how key identity factors such as individual characteristics, identity group membership, societal and community forces and values, ideology, philosophy and cultural perspectives should shape the decisions you make.

Learn More about MarkusWorks Training and Education models and frameworks; The 10 LensesIdentity ZonesFit In  and coming soon The Age of MultiDentity.