Your Identity Zones


The Identity Zones framework is a  comprehensive approach to understanding individuals, organizations and communities. The framework explains how people define themselves and prioritize all aspects of their identities.The Identity Zones framework offers a new approach to understanding people and relationships by examining how we define ourselves and prioritize aspects of our identities.

Mark Williams and independent pollster John Zogby co-created the Identity Zones Indicator, a diagnostic tool that reveals an individual’s feelings, behaviors and perceptions about affiliations and values in five distinct zones. What is the Identity Zones Framework? An advanced framework created to help you build better relationships and interact more effectively with others…. in a more complex world. How can The Identity Zones Framework help you? The Identity Zones Framework helps you “read” and “respond” to two key aspects of your identity that affect your day-to-day interactions.

Identity Zones Learning Goals:

  • Understand how key dimensions of identity (e.g. race, gender, socio-economic status, religion) and values (e.g. honesty, family,  justice, power) define one’s identity.
  • Learn to chart the zones and understand strengths and weaknesses associated with your own Identity Zones profile.
  • Learn how to “read” and more effectively relate to others  based on their key affiliations, values, and profile.
  • Develop more effective relationships with others by using Identity Zone techniques, avoid triggering zone hot-spots (“zots”), and recognize when zots have been triggered.
  • Use the Identity Zones strategies and techniques to build bridges and connections.