The 10 Lenses Courses

10 Lenses Courses

There are three 10 Lenses workshops available for participants that cover 4 of the most important lenses in depth and a summary of the remaining six. Follow-up material is available for participants for one year after participation in a 10 Lenses course through WIN Insights Com. Resource Center. The 10 Lenses Workshops will help participants learn the following:

  1. Which lenses about race, culture, nationality, and ethnicity, social class and other identity dimensions are operating within me?
  2. How did I develop my lenses?
  3. Am I using my lenses from their strengths or shadows?
  4. Which lenses are my employees, customers, neighbors, family members, or friends using to interpret my actions?
  5. How can I communicate and work more productively with coworkers who are using very different lenses from mine?

Overview of the 10 Lenses Employee Workshop – 4 Hour Course

The 10 Lenses Employee Workshop provides a framework to understand what is at the heart of your cultural belief system. As you begin to appreciate your lenses and the lenses of others better, you increase the possibility of building bridges, managing conflict, and finding common ground in everyday cross-cultural situations.

10 Lenses Workshop Learning Outcomes for Employees

  1. Learn about your individual preferences for the ten lenses.
  2. Learn to recognize the lenses used by others at work and in your community.
  3. Learn to recognize how the lenses are embedded within institutional systems.
  4. Learn how to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of each lens.

Understand how the 10 Lenses influence management responsibilities such as:

  1. Team Interactions
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Interpersonal relationships  

Overview of the 10 Lenses Managers Workshops 10 Lenses – 4 Hour Course

The Lenses that managers use will influence how they recognize potential and talent among the employees within the work environment. Employees who mirror managers’ layers and legacies are apt to share their preferences for specific lenses and are likely to have an easier time gaining acceptance and opportunity in the organization.

Lenses Organizational and Leadership Level Workshops Outcomes:

  1. Provide better leadership or manage more effectively in situations where people are operating out of conflicting lenses.
  1. Increase managers’ abilities to recognize and develop strengths in employees across diverse populations.

Understand how the 10 Lenses influence management responsibilities such as:

  • Hiring
  • Assignments
  • Development
  • Advancement

10 Lenses HR and Diversity Staff Workshop Overview – 4 Hour Course

How the 10 Lenses operate to affect the degree to which different members of your organization feel included, valued, supported and motivated to give the organization their best performance day after day. By understanding which lenses have the most influence on your critical human resource systems, you will be better equipped to make decisions about how best to develop and implement policies that promote inclusiveness.

10 Lenses HR and Diversity Staff Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Create human resources systems that address the needs of different employee populations
  1. Assess how at the systems levels lenses are usually embedded invisibly within critical human resources systems, such as:


Hiring and job placement

Compensation and benefits Performance management

Mentoring and development Training

Succession planning

The 10 Lenses Strategy for Senior Leaders Overview 4 Hour Course

 The operation of the 10 Lenses affects how leaders view your customers and clients, both internal and external and how they perceive you. Some of the questions this workshop explores help participants to use the 10 Lenses as a tool to diagnose your organization’s interactions with its external business environment.

The 10 Lenses Senior Leaders Workshop Outcomes:

  1. An Assessment of which lenses are most influential in our strategic planning process?
  2. An Assessment of which lenses are present in our markets or the public?
  3. An Assessment which lenses are present in the communities where we operate?
  4. An Assessment of how can we can manage conflicting lenses within communities where we operate.
  5. An Assessment of how will our agency/company relates to the lenses held by various advocacy groups we interact with. 

10 Lenses Course Methodology is Flexible and Tailored

The 10 Lenses Workshops can be adapted to work in multiple formats and occasions. The 10 Lenses Workshops are relevant for:

  • Workforce training
  • Conferences
  • Keynotes
  • In-service programs for educators
  • Strategy sessions
  • Community forums

10 Lenses Facilitator Certification Program

Certified Facilitator Program: Certified facilitators may lead 10 Lenses workshops in their own organizations. To qualify as a facilitator, you must attend a live workshop, pass a comprehensive knowledge exam and co-instruct a live workshop with a certified facilitator in your organization.