Fit In


Not everything that happens in a business is based on visible, objective, formal rules. Some things are more subtle; they lie between the lines of the company manual. Your “fit” depends on a combination of factors that underlie a company’s norms, systems and traditions – and how well you mesh with them. These informal rules are a powerful hidden force that governs everything from where you sit in a meeting, to how you address your superiors. It’s often difficult to grasp the nuances of informal rules because they are usually only silently acknowledged.

Fit In! The Unofficial Guide to Corporate Culture will help you and your managers recognize, address and manage the silent language of your corporate culture and bridge the gap between ideals and and reality. Fit In can help you and your leaders identify the  informal and often silent behaviors, practices, codes and rules that are operating in your organizational environment. This is the first step to implementing strategies and solutions to guarantee that unconscious bias does not create unintended barriers for members of various identity groups within your organization. Fit decisions occur everyday in every type of organization.