The 10 Lenses


What people are saying The 10 Lenses is a breakthrough research-based framework that illuminates how your stakeholders view race, ethnicity and cultural differences through 10 distinct “lenses.” We all too often find ourselves polarized by powerful legacies surrounding race, ethnicity and national origin. Cultural differences can seem like barriers.

Learn how to manage the lenses that are operating within your business or community environment. The 10 Lenses offers a new way of understanding and engaging cultural differences and mindsets.  Created by bestselling author and educator Mark Williams, The 10 Lenses can enhance your ability to respond to complex cultural identity challenges and foster personal and organizational competency.

Which of the 10 Lenses are operating in your environment?

AssimilationistAssimilationists want individuals to submerge their individual and cultural identities in favor of nationalistic and patriotic ideals.

ColorblindThe Colorblind see people as individuals and ignore race, color, ethnicity and other external cultural factors.

Cultural CentristCulturalcentrists seek to improve the welfare of their cultural group by accentuating their own history and identity.

ElitistElitists believe in the superiority of the upper class and embrace the importance of family roots, wealth and social status.

IntegrationistIntegrationists support breaking down all barriers between racial groups by merging people of different cultures together in communities and in the workplace.

MeritocratistMeritocratists believe in the individualist credo of America: if you have the abilities and work hard enough, you can compete with anyone to make your dreams come true.

MulticulturalistMulticulturalists celebrate the diversity of cultures in the United States and the contributions they make to our national character and history.

SeclusionistSeclusionists feel strongly that they should protect themselves from racial, cultural, and/or ethnic groups that diminish the character and quality of their group’s experiences within the society.

TranscendentTranscendents focus on the human spirit, our universal connection, and our shared humanity.

Victim - CaretakerVictim/Caretakers see their liberation as a crucial goal. They feel that they are still suffering from the generational impact of previous oppression.