AA032796The MarkusWorks consulting approach is focused on helping you build and strengthen your organization’s ability to operate effectively in a new era we call the Age of MultiDentity.  Our consultation and training is based on Mark’s advanced research and models, such as The 10 Lenses, Your Identity Zones, The Age of  MultiDentity, and Fit In.

Through these models Mark will  help you accurately interpret and respond to today’s changing identity dynamic.  Mark’s consulting services will help you and your leaders more effectively engage  your many stakeholders  such as employees, customers, elected and civic leaders and community members where you operate  in today’s MultiDentity environment.

MarkusWorks consulting services provide targeted solutions that help you and your organizational leaders grasp identity in ways that improve leadership skills. Our consultation moves you way beyond traditional demographics and diversity sensitivities  so you can better navigate the powerful forces that drive today’s identity-related challenges. As a result of our consultation we promise:

  • That you’ll get to the root causes of the identity issues you face so your solutions won’t waste time or money.
  • That you’ll learn how to “read” and “respond” to the key values, ideologies, cultural perspectives, lenses and mindsets of your stakeholders and better understand how those attitudes affect your organizational and business environment.
  • You’ll think more creatively and outside of the box so you can find innovative solutions to your complex identity-based challenges.