About Us


MarkusWorks helps clients create solutions to the challenges and demands of the Age of MultiDentity. 

With an exciting array of navigational tools and new technologies, we help you solve the challenges of responding to issues related to identity, diversity, multiculturalism and global affairs as they relate to your customers, employees, markets and communities.

We develop business and civic leaders who possess and demonstrate the self-awareness, sensitivity, skills and strategic thinking required to operate effectively in a complex global business environment.

We help you assess how identity influences your business environment so you can:

  • Consistently recognize key aspects of your stakeholders’ identities  and respond strategically and sensitively
  • Avoid missteps, miscues and behaviors that could offend your identity stakeholders
  • Connect with key identity groups within your environment to build and maintain the relationships you need in order to succeed
  • Provide engaging and useful educational programs for your leaders and employees that prepare them to deal with complex dynamics related to their identity stakeholders.