Book Mark Williams


Mark Williams has a message of clarity, inspiration and insight that will help your entire organization shift into high gear in its understanding of the importance of issues related to personal, organizational,  group, community, national and global identity. Newly gained knowledge will not only help your employees on the job, but in all areas of their lives.

For more than 25 years Mark Williams has researched and reported on new ways for people to connect across critical identity differences. He has helped thousands of  people perform with greater sensitivity, skill and success with their customers, employees, students and community members.

Mark knows how to accelerate your group’s ability to recognize, read and respond to the identity  stakeholder dynamics present in their day-to-day world and avoid missteps and misunderstanding.  Mark has spoken to executives from industries as diverse as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, communications and media, technology, cosmetics, lodging, manufacturing, energy, as well as federal and state governments. Mark delivers his message in an engaging style through his unique ability to seamlessly blend research, multimedia and interactive theater in a presentation that will have your audience buzzing long after the conclusion of the event.