Solutions and Services

stock-photo-18436331-solution-word-on-puzzle-pieceMark Williams and his associates at MarkusWorks are uniquely equipped to enhance your understanding of the complex identity forces that surround and affect your business, agency or community. Mark and his team have unparalleled expertise in helping you and your leaders comprehend the intricate web of critical identity-oriented dynamics that influence your relationships with your stakeholders. Our advisory services include:

  • Consulting for leaders who want to get to the root causes of why their stakeholders are behaving in the ways that they do. MarkusWorks Consulting will help you respond  sensitively and strategically to your stakeholders across all of the dimensions of identity that are important to your business or agency.
  • Training and Education based on researched and tested models that identify belief systems, mindsets and lenses that block effective relationships, innovation and creativity.
  • One-On-One Coaching for leaders and managers to better navigate the identity-related challenges they face in their teams and immediate organizational environment.
  • Research and Opinion Surveys for leaders who need to make strategic decisions about identity.Williams Identity Surveys provide insights about emerging identity issues related to the the values, beliefs and attitudes of your stakeholders.
  • Premium Client Content available 24/7 for the busy leader who needs ongoing professional development and tools to integrate into his tool kit. The MarkusWorks client portal is filled with videos, web-based assessments, e-learning, handouts and surveys, training designs and other materials, and a networking community moderated by Mark.
  • Custom Development of educational tools that can be delivered via live, in-person training and consultation. Access to digital, web-based networks and traditional proprietary media products and tools, such as video, music, books, CDs, magazines, interactive theater and other creative live events.