The MultiDentity Mindset



getreadyidentityMark invites you to read the preface from his new book, The Age of MultiDentity. The Age of MultiDentity details the arrival of a new era that has already begun to fundamentally alter the business, political and community dynamics related to identity stakeholder relationships.

The Age of MultiDentity will help you and your leaders learn how to anticipate and interpret the perspectives, agendas and conflicts that you experience with your employees, customers, constituents and community members who populate your business environment. The most crucial question that The Age of MultiDentity requires you to consider is:

Do you have the necessary mindset and skills to successfully interact with the many kinds of people who are and will become your stakeholders?

The Age of MultiDentity will help you answer with a resounding YES!

  • Coming Soon! Read the Age of MultiDentity Preface Now

Once the book is officially published in the fall of 2014, Mark and his team will offer a series of executive briefings and workshops for advertising and marketing executives, C Suite and government agency leaders as well as elected and appointed leaders.

We will also be offering identity stakeholder scans of

  • your business environment to identify risks and rewards related to your identity stakeholders
  • your organizational culture to identify potential identity disconnects between and among your stakeholders from the mail room to the board room
  • your products, services and communications to assess the potential impact related to various stakeholders operating within your business environment

For more information or to sign up for an advanced copy of The Age of MultiDentity contact us.