Train the Trainer Programs


Learn & LeadMarkusWorks frameworks and models are breakthrough research-based frameworks that provide navigational insights about how to respond  sensitively and strategically to the identity based issues within your business environment.

MarkusWorks Train the Trainer Programs are in-house development programs for organizations that want to bring the identity frameworks learning experience in house.  Internal Train the Trainer Workshops offer HR Professionals, Diversity Specialists, Advertising and Marketing  Professionals and other internal Business Leaders the relevant content, skills development, and knowledge to respond to the identity stakeholder dynamics in their business and community environment. Train the Trainer Programs, over time, result in cost savings and enable sustainability.

Overview of the Process

MarkusWorks Train the Trainer Workshops are in-depth blended experiences using in-person and web-based learning strategies. The programs equip internal trainers and consultants with precise knowledge and skills to successfully deliver the 10 Lenses, Identity Zones, Fit In and MultiDentity curriculum and methodologies to colleagues within their workplaces. Attendees will acquire the content knowledge and actively practice the skills by employing adult learning principles, core content and peer coaching. Train the Trainer workshop outcomes will ensure that learners:

  • Establish rapport and engage learners to maximize learning
  • Identify key adult learning principles to enable behavioral change in adults
  • Know the principles and rationale of the workshop design and content
  • Examine and practice facilitation techniques and learning styles
  • Motivate and monitor participants through establishing a supportive, positive learning climate
  • Frame questions and extend learning using inquiry, small group activities, and discussion
  • Manage and adapt to challenging participants
  • Use diverse methods to deliver presentations, coach activities, manage participants’ interaction, and provide respectful feedback
  • Use multi-media resources to enhance learning