About Mark


Mark Williams is the founder and creative energy behind MarkusWorks, a consulting firm that helps businesses develop leaders who possess and demonstrate the strategic thinking, sensitivity and skills required to succeed in today’s complex global business environment. Mark is a highly regarded consultant, public speaker and author. He consults on a wide range of strategic issues; his list of former and current clients includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, associations and educational institutions.

Some of the more well known clients are Exxon Corporation, AT&T, Avon Cosmetics, Colgate Palmolive, Microsoft, Harvard Medical School, UNISYS, Cisco Systems, Office Depot, and the US Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Agency for International Development, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Social Security Administration.

He is also the founder of WIN Insights, a web-based knowledge management system that delivers the most comprehensive aggregation of identity and diversity-related content that exists to date. WIN customers are the leaders, managers and employees of business, government and academia. WIN Insights has tapped into and digitized the knowledge and expertise of seasoned diversity and inclusion experts and placed that knowledge in a one-of-a-kind Learning Management System (LMS).

Mark holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology from American University. He is the author of several books, including the best selling The Ten Lenses and to be published Spring, 2014, The Age of MultiDentity. He is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Friends of the United Nations Global Tolerance Award for his composition One Song, Many Voices, the theme song for the United Nations International Day of Tolerance, which is celebrated annually on November 16. The song and music video are performed by award-winning actress and vocalist Vanessa Williams.

When you work with Mark, you become a vital member of a community of thought leaders who strive to use their talents and energies to improve human understanding and interaction. Mark believes that there is no more important mission than to help people work through their divergent cultural and ideological differences to ensure that the new era of global interdependence allows everyone the opportunity to thrive and prosper.