You can own a copy of each book that comprises the MarkusWorks Identity library.  Your personal and professional development will be enhanced by Mark’s groundbreaking content,  research, writing and training materials related to his identity concepts. Each framework has assessments and interactive tools to augment the experience.

Your Identity Zones: Identity Zones is a research-based methodology that helps you make sense of the identity differences we face today. Identity Zones prepares you and your stakeholders to respond strategically, sensitively and skillfully to divergent cultural perspectives, values, ideologies and world views that are held by your employees, customers and community members. Learn  how to respond to your hot buttons being  pushed and how to avoid pushing the hot buttons of others.


Fit In: Fit In provides a unique set of analytic tools to help you understand, analyze, and change your approach to dealing with the formal, informal, written and unwritten rules that govern the workplace. Fit In supports practitioners and managers in rooting out unnecessary fit criteria that create unintended barriers for employees. Fit In helps you deal with the many kinds of fit challenges your employees may face based on profession, department, level and location.


 The 10 Lenses: The 10 Lenses is a breakthrough research-based framework that illuminates how Americans view race, ethnicity and cultural differences through 10 distinct “lenses.” Too often we find ourselves polarized by powerful legacies surrounding race, ethnicity and national origin. Communicating across cultural differences can be frustratingly difficult. The 10 Lenses offers a new way of thinking about cultural differences in this increasingly culturally diverse nation.