Leadership Strategies For a MultiDentity World


BU010729After participating in a live, in-person MarkusWorks workshop, leaders will have a better grasp and understanding of why and how key forces such as technology, social movements,  fragmentation and polarization, globalization, changing social values, new customer groups,  and changing immigration patterns are fundamentally altering the e business environment.

Participants will also learn new strategies and sensitivities related to how to engage all of their stakeholders including customers, employees and clients across identity differences in a hypersensitive world. MarkusWorks Workshops explore important issues including:

Communications Technology – Advanced communications technology has not only altered the rules of the game, but the game itself. Your stakeholders are hyper-networked, have public and private identities, are tuned into information bubbles, and use multiple identity networks that can influence your business decisions. Your business reputation and your brand can be damaged within hours of an event.

Demographics – The dimensions of identity of your stakeholders, including your workforce and customer base, are changing all over the world. The fastest growing portion of the American population is multiracial people. In most countries there are now four or five generations in the workplace and customer base. How important is this force to your organization?

Immigration – The composition and nature of the population of various nations is shifting due to immigration and birth rates. How important is this force to your organization?

New Customer Groups – The buying power of various identity groups is shifting, causing businesses to rethink how they market to and serve their changing customer base. How important is this force to your organization?

Civil Rights Laws – More identity groups are demanding legal protection and the removal of barriers to equal treatment and opportunity. New civil rights movements produce new laws that organizations must obey. How important is this force to your organization?

 Changing Social Values - All over the world, different identity groups seek more freedom of expression and the right to live their lives based on their values. This process always creates societal backlash and tensions that affect workplace relationships. How important is this force to your organization?

Workshop Topics

The discussions and activities that participants engage in include the following strategic topics through a combination of media, expert input, and engaging activities:

  • Identifying, understanding and assessing the many political, social, technological, demographic and other global forces operating within your business environment. Understanding how the many new forces in the business environment are changing the playing field and the game, with regard to individual, community, team, and organizational identity.
  • Understanding all of your organization’s stakeholders and their many divergent mindsets, perspectives and values that are operating within your business environment and marketplace.
  • Learning business and leadership strategies to respond sensitively to stakeholders’ divergent agendas and responding to the conflicts and polarization between stakeholders that are present in your business environment.
  • Understanding the systems, practices and policies that contribute to inclusive and innovative work teams and cultures.
  • Learning to assess the impact a new product or service or communication will have on your intended audience as well as other audiences that will be exposed to your communications.
  • Understanding why today more than even it’s essential that internal stakeholders such as Marketing, HR, Government and Community Affairs all must work collaboratively to effectively respond to sensitive and volatile identity-related issues.
  • Understanding the impact of new communication modalities  such as social media, blogs, smart phones, the Internet, and emerging scientific breakthroughs that are changing the nature of communication and relationships between various identity groups.